Introducing Freeletics

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I know this is going to be really tough. ? I?ve been on this fitness journey since the birth of my son in 2010. It?s something I?ve never done before and I?m interested to know if it?s a sustainable and realistic programme. ? So Monday?s my big day and I believe it?s my fitness test. Here?s a little introduction video to Freeletics: ? ? I?m really exciting to be trying Freeletics. I plan to start my Freeletics training programme this coming Monday and complete 12 weeks (roughly three months). I?ll share all of this information as and when it improves. I?m at the point of my training where I need a new challenge so Freeletics couldn?t have come at a better time for me. ? Fitness beyond imagination?. Freeletics uses your bodyweight only and their programmes can be performed anywhere and at any time. I was intrigued firstly because of the cool name and then because I witnessed before and after photos that only P90X could formerly claim. I?m also interested to know what type of exercises I?ll be asked to perform and if I?ll use them in my future routines. I?m ready for this challenge though and no-one said this fitness journey was going to be easy.The first I?d heard of Freeletics was an email in my inbox. I?ve trained using a variety of methods including running, weight training and boxing. I?ve taken all my measurements including my body fat percentage and before photos. Let?s go guys and don?t forget ? if you?d like to join me on this journey, . Just looking at the video above makes me want to cry and curl up into a ball. So what is Freeletics and what could it do for me? ? Freeletics is a training programme based around high intensity workouts and training plans

Completely cut out carbs to lose weight Carbohydrates are an important part of your diet. They are your main source of energy and you wouldn?t function very well without them. It helps with vitamin absorption and?energy. Crash diets work This old chess nut. Fat is needed in your diet, it has many benefits to the functions of the body. When you sweat you don?t lose fat, just water. Avoid crash diets like the plague. Some people naturally sweat more than others so sometimes it has nothing to do with how many calories you burn. Fat is bad for you Foods with healthy fats include avocado, uncooked olive oil and nuts. ? Following the correct advice is essential as there are far too many myths in the health and fitness world. It depends on what exercise I?m doing and how my body reacts to the heat. Who would really want to do that? You may get results but they won?t be sustained. Drink this disgusting green shake for four months and you?ll lose four stone.Happy New Year! If you constantly struggle with your weight, starting a new year may be just the motivation you need in order to create a new you. If you don?t eat carbs your body will begin to use protein and fat for energy. Sweating means you burn more calories I very rarely when I train to be honest. It?s our bodies way of cooling us down. I?d like to discuss four of them with you now and you can read 14 more health, fitness and nutrition myths from Focus Performance here. Avoid trans fats and instead have a healthy balance of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats.?Cutting essential nutrients out of your diet isn?t the way to go

If you?re contemplating purchasing a bicycle, go for it! But you might want to think about what bike is right for you first. Perfect for those living in rural areas who will encounter uneven surfaces on regular journeys, they also allow a more adventurous side for tearing down rocky paths.With less than three weeks until the big fella comes down our chimney, I bet the bike is still on top of most peoples Christmas lists this year. I can remember the feeling as a child getting a new bike, which is why Amy and I have asked Santa for bikes for our kids this year. Folding Bike Folding bikes are perfect if your commute involves using public transport at some point. Road Bike Road bikes are ideal for the serious cyclist whose main aim is to improve their cardio and/or with the ambition to join a cycling club. Achieving such speeds means you?ll need to be well protected with a helmet and cycling gear as well. Mountain Bike For someone who doesn?t want to stay confined to the roads, mountain bikes are a great option. ? Fat Birds have a great range of road bicycles, especially titanium models which are incredibly lightweight. They are only good on well kept roads and paths really, so if you want to be using your bike off-road at the weekends a mountain bike is better. There are a range of bicycles suited for different purposes and people, from commuting to work to having fun on a weekend. They can be useful to travel to work if your journey is fairly flat and short, but they?re mainly for experimenting and pulling off tricks with. ? Cycling is one of the most popular and simple ways to keep fit and it is continuing to grow with more and every day. The smaller size doesn?t suit everyone so it?s best to try one out first. They allow you to reach high speeds easier than other bikes due to their lightweight and streamlined design but are obviously only appropriate if you live in urban areas or one with good, smooth roads. The folding treadmill aspect makes it a lot easier to muster, which is useful for going to work or travelling further afield. Or a mountain bike is suitable if you want to get out in the countryside on a weekend and don?t mind cleaning off your bike for work on a Monday morning. ? Usually coming with more gears, this can be an asset for the urban dweller if you live in a hilly area. BMX BMX riders have been known to suffer more injuries than regular cyclists but they also have more fun. Likewise a road bike is superior for faster and longer rides

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